Web enabled systems

The web and the browser has become the platform for delivering rich, fast and user friendly applications.
We have many years of expertise in this area, our developers are experts at bringing your data online

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End-to-End Web Solutions

From a simple website to the complex world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we have the skills and experience to address your requirements

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Business Intelligence

Can assist your organisation in making more informed decisions by organising and reporting data from disparate data sources.

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Database Management

Using SQL the database can be an extremely powerful and efficient tool for processing large volumes of data. To get the most out of your database, queries or procedures can be developed to efficiently perform these tasks

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Mobile Web Applications

In recent years mobile device web usage has grown to be mainstream. We can deliver a web application which will run on any mobile device - whether it be an iPhone, Android, Windows mobile or an iPad

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Microsoft SharePoint

We can deliver a customised Sharepoint solutions to suit the requirements of your business. Areas of customisation include workflows, data entry, reporting and integration

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Who We Are?

Qodo Business Solutions is a personalised IT solutions company based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have a great team of dynamic and experienced IT professionals who are passionate about what we do and how we do it.

We firmly believe that keeping our client base satisified by consistently delivering quality project outcomes is the most important factor in ensuring our business relationship prospers.

What We Do

At Qodo, we use industry leading standards and processes in delivering a solution that is tailored to client requirements.

We utilise a range of products and technologies to support the management of our engagement through all stages of our project lifecycle:

  • Define
  • Evaluate
  • Analyse & Design
  • Build & Test
  • Implement
  • Measure & Manage